Snježana Premuš choreographer, dancer, somatic researcher


27. 3. 2021
Video presentation of the project in process – Time in a glance: Etude 2, Stara elektrarna Ljubljana

5. 4. – 11. 4. 2021 / moved to 2022 /
Project: Time in a glance – Etude 2 and Every now is time, space.
Residence and presentation  Creative Crossroads (LLB Program, Creative Europe) in Uferstudios, Berlin.

17. – 19. 5. 2021
Residence of the project Everyone is now time, space, LGM, Minorite Church

18. 6. 2021
Every now is time, space, Festival 56. Borštnikovo
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29. 6. 2021 ob 17h / lasts 90 min /
Workshop EAR DRUM HAS SKIN, SKIN IS A DRUM, THE HEART CAN EMBRACE, Kulturni bazar 2021, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

19. 7. – 26.7. 2021
Presentation of the project Every now is time, space and Time in a glance as a part of the Performance Situation room, Festival Impulstanz
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10. 8. 2021, 15.15h – 17.10h
Observations and Presences, Workshop at the Festival of the Krušče Creative Center – BODIES AND WORLDS
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The project Physical manifestations is a complex multilayered project, involving laboratories, workshops and installations as an ongoing research with different possible outcomes, documents, performances and interactive (physical or virtual) spaces, where the attunement can be practised, rehearsed by the spectators and artists. A project that started as an intimate research and dialogue between invited artists is slowly growing into an international network.

Snježana Premuš recognises the human body as a quite complex topography of different somatic, cultural and political – anatomies, while simultaneously understanding space and time as the anatomic and kinetic dexterity of expansive body images.
Rok Vevar

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Symposium Dialogue

Artists and experts from various fields are invited to form multilayered perspectives within the form of a Dialogue.