The Intelligent Body 2


The project, which the author started in 2012 with Mateja Rebolj and Sanja Neškovič Peršin, was joined in 2014 by various artists and experts in search of personal expression within the individual uniformed structures recorded in the body. The reality of the coded, uniformed and disciplinary body through video and photography is also themed by a gallery installation, which poses the question of the relationship between thought, perception and the gaze. It deals with the meaning of eye contact, the tactility of materialised intimacy and the contexts of the gaze, be it on the stage or in the gallery.

Participating artists and experts: Sanja Nešković Peršin, Mateja Rebolj, Teja Reba, Milan Ketiš, Rok Vevar, Radha Pernarčič, Vid Vodušek, Aleksander Ostan, Pia Brezavšček, Jedrt Jež Furlan.

In the project The Intelligent Body, Snježana Premuš asks how to (differently) embody thought and think the body. The project stems from the assumption that we do not have a body, but we are a body.