The Body as an Archive


The body as a repository. Not only what is visible, useful, available to the body, but what is stored in it: potential, unrealised, latent. Different paths to the exclusions and the balances of body locations, realised by the work and practices of Snježana Premuš, are this time the subject of cooperation with Rok Vevar. They shed light on a specific stage of their meetings and work between 2016 and 2018. Their purpose is to sharpen dance theory and practice in an intensive joint study work.

Part of the process of Physical Manifestations has been transformed into the format of an exhibition within the framework of Choreographic Statements, which includes existing documents of choreographic work: approaches that are otherwise first stored in the bodies of dance workers and subsequently only available in various media.

The body as a repository: the unrecognised, invisible, stocked, dormant, but still available psycho-physical possibilities, which are sedimented in individual bodily specificities, and at the same time a “catalogued kinetic storehouse”.

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