Physical manifestations 1


Above gravity with kinetics, with resistance into an embrace, with a fist into dance … Even alongside classical music. But not only that. It intertwines the process and manifests it in the story of the body. As an observer of all the phases of the work, I see a story of the body, of dance, of performance, of the stage, of space and time. I know, it reads so generically. But the luxury of insight also allows us, the outside observers, to observe the disassembling, to raise the awareness in the body like a litmus paper of the codes around us. As a non-dancer, as merely an observer of the performers, I see the story of dance. About how movements move, living beings connect, intertwine and react to each other. As if writers would be connecting a word only after confronting each letter of the alphabet. As if they were listening to each letter, one at a time, to make it resonate, and then slowly and with special attention, would say it. Only then does a word arrive. This is how the story emerges from the gesture, the movement, the organs. Actually, I’m guessing. Even though I’ve been following the unfolding of the show, I can’t claim to know how it is that I would know that. I was only observing.
Jedrt Jež Furlan

I am interested in

What is readable?

“I observe how the point of touch or the focus accumulates from experiences, memories that pile like sediment in the body and form the multifacetedness of images. However, what’s readable isn’t self-evident. The entire time, it is sliding on the surface and communicating with what’s culturally recognised and accepted. And yet, the body is exactly that which again and again pulls the floor out from under the culturally and socially accepted.”

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