The desiring body

Every now is time, space / 2017


The research and putting into practice of the embodied principles that we already trace in the structure of our physicality itself, in the space and from the space into the social-cultural space. And what happens when transferring attention from the centre to the periphery and vice versa, how that influences our desires, longing. Or even the reverse, how a desire, which is borne through bodily principles, can change the social space.

In the beginning part of the project, the author opened up the methodic somatic principles that determine the conditions in which a dancer’s body can provide a mechanism for observing the visible and the seemingly invisible processes in the body. An essential part of the score is the sound installation, which includes special directional “Hypersonic” speakers that isolate the sound and define smaller micro-spaces in which the sound can only be heard if we approach them.  This installation became the foundation for developing the spatial mapping, which the author and her collaborators developed in 2018 and 2019.

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What types of precision are we looking for?

DRAGANA: A precision, which is not agreed upon, not learned, does not reproduce itself and thus does not empty … But it is a type of precision that is the responsiveness to the moment and in this way fills and shapes things … You see that it is shaping itself … that it is not by chance … You register how it raises the parameters for forming…

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Where is my attention?

ŽANA: When we work with inner attention, we respond to that which we are made of and also to that which we have accepted over time – external events have co-created us. Thus, we have the feeling that we are communicating within ourselves, yet we are already turned towards the outside …

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When does the centre become the periphery?

TINA: The space became like a single cell, no longer made of a solid substance. If you look into the space of a cell, in the centre is the cell’s nucleus and at the edge is a pliable membrane where osmosis occurs. It seemed to me that we positioned the membranal border between the inner and the outer space. In the end, it was the opposite, an inversion of space, as if the outside is also inside.

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