Time in a glance / Etude 3


The performance presents the operation of a group that draws on movement as a process that begins deep in the body,  beyond anticipated body codes and shapes. We are confronted with recognizable signs and their imperceptible occurrences, which the performer and the viewer follow each from their own side in a spatial-temporal continuum.

“Every new motif is formed through a process, through time, and thus observation becomes a process, too.”
Snježana Premuš

Etude 2


The performance places under inspection the group’s activity, which draws from the movement as well as a process beginning deep in the body beyond the expected codes and forms. We’re faced with the identifiable signs and their imperceptible experiences that the performer and the spectator, each on their own side, are following in the space-time continuum.

Etude 1


Two bodies connect into a new (transformed) body through the axis and later divide into independent “units” (subjectivity). Because subjectivity reveals itself in this process as an act, which emerges in the space between perceiving and responding, the relationships with time open up into a new ecosystem – a quartet.

I am interested in

What is driving us?

I am interested in

Which mechanisms connect us?