Looking for continuity in the turning points, and continuity between opposites and polarities: here and there, above and under, fast and slow, small and large. She invites participants to explore and embody the continuity through change, and embodied circularity. (based on Body-Mind Centering and tai chi principles with a research of body-based drawing)


Bernadett Jobbagy
Choreographer, performer and multimedia artist from Budapest // Onopordum Performance. She graduated as a landscape architect at the Corvinus University in Budapest. She later studied at the Academy of Contemporary Dance in Budapest. She works as a choreographer, performer, videographer and pedagogue. In 2021, she completed her editing studies at the Lumiere Film School. She is currently a DLA student and art researcher at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and follows the Body-Mind Centering® program.

9.30 - 11.30


18.00 - 19.00



Physical-poetic and perceptual scores will be available to visitors for personal tuning in the space. Tuning takes place in a time frame of 30–40 minutes.

Practice – discussion
Dejan Srhoj

Through the sustainable dance practice they have been conducting with Dejan Srhoj for seven years, a group of individuals involved in journalism, cooking, programming, and other professions will reveal how this activity and dance practice inscribe themselves into their lives.


The training is part of the Composition of Differences project, which is a sustainable choreographic and pedagogical process through which Dejan Srhoj explores issues and dilemmas related to coexistence. “How do I dance with myself and how with the other, how with the other and who is the Other? When does the dance of individuals create a crowd and when does it become a community?”

Artistic director: Dejan Srhoj
Team: Gaja Madžarevič, Urška Henigman, Manca Dorrer, Mojca Volf, Klemen Košir, Tjaša Nabergoj, Sašo Rutar, Irena Plešivčnik, Samo Židan, Lija Pogačnik, Katja Kordiš Vrabac, Darja Demšar


Dejan Srhoj
is a dancer, choreographer and dance curator. As a member of the Nomad Dance Academy, Slovenia develops artistic and educational programs at the local and regional level. In 2021, he became a president of DSPS (Dance association of  Contemporary Dance.

19.30 - 21.30


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