Refection in action, reflection on action.

(Emerging formats )

“What’s important is that we encounter the spectators in the very source – there, where the bodily image lives – in the body.”
Snježana Premuš

Pia Brezavšček (Dnevnik, 2019) recognises the projects of Snježana Premuš as challenging spaces of participation that do not submit to representation. The spectator is not treated merely as a passive spectator but cultivates working formats that enable the spectator/viewer a more profound, experiential and preceptive penetration into art and work.

In the eight years of the project’s development, the author has nurtured collaboration with many experts and artists as well as spectators, who became regular followers of the events. The research formats are designed for the expert public (invited experts: dancers, choreographers, dramaturg, critics and theorists, architects) and for target groups who enter the field of contemporary dance (pupils and dancers within dance studios and education programmes) as well as for the wider public.