I’m interested in confronting the challenges and related questions about how we understand the body (as oneself and the Other) in our time, about perception in our hyperactive world and about the open principles of collaboration which expand into the role and position of the public as active collaborators in the format of a (total) artistic experience.

The artwork Physical Manifestations, which the artist has been developing since 2012, is a personal investigation as well as a collective field of co-operating and co-creating. How the artist understands the body and movement – as a condition and a consequence – also influences this research. Time plays a key role here. Only time brings us into the process, into the images we can understand as embodied movement through time. The images that manifest their inner realisations.

The poesis of the self

The poesis of the self

The dance-theory performance is structured into a series of situations in which the non-invasive activity of the spectators and performers is exposed to the experiential possibilities of transforming the body into language and language into the body.

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Refection in action, reflection on action.

(Emerging formats )

“What’s important is that we encounter the spectators in the very source – there, where the bodily image lives – in the body.”
Snježana Premuš